New Classes Starting Thursday, January 12th, 2017

I am very excited to announce that in addition to the Senior Ensemble (which is predominantly high school/college students), we are now starting a Middle School Jazz Ensemble as well as a Young People’s program.  These programs will meet weekly under the direction of Joey Berkley.

I expect the Young People’s program to be appropriate for 4th-6th graders and the Middle School Jazz Ensemble for 6th-9th graders.  6th graders placement would depend on the ability.

There is no charge in January.

Yonkers Residents get a 30% discount.

Tuition for the Young People’s Program is $75 per month/ $50 for Yonkers; Jazz Ensemble is $145 per month/ $100 for Yonkers.


A description of these programs is as follows:

6:00PM-7:00PM: Young People’s Program- For young muscicians just starting out or with little band experience.  All instruments welcome.  Program includes ensemble reading, introduction to improvisation, music theory, and music history.

7:00PM-8:30PM: Jazz Ensemble B*- Students in Jazz Ensemble B usually have one to three years of playing experience, and may not have prior experience playing in ensembles.  Ability to read notes and basic knowledge of key signatures, scales, etc.  Typically students have been in middle school and early high school.

We look forward to you joining us!