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The primary focus of all the ensembles is musical precision.  Other skills include learning how to become an effective soloist, and playing stylistically correct within each genre of music.

We believe that ultimately all music comes down to two basic types: good or bad, regardless of the style, so some overlap in repertoire between groups is to be expected.

Placement is based on ability. 


Up to 5 Saxophones; 3-4 Trombones; 4-5 Trumpets; Piano, Bass, Guitar, Drums

Repertoire will focus on a mixture of traditional Big Band Jazz along with contemporary selections spanning a variety of musical styles: Funk, Rock, and Latin.

$145 per month

Rock, R&B , Funk  etc :

Up to 5 “Horns” plus Rhythm Section and vocals.

Repertoire will specialize in Funk, R & B, and Rock standards

$145 per month

Jazz Improvisation Lab:

Using a hands on approach, students will work as an ensemble to understand and execute improvisation fundamentals including: chord/scale theory; basic harmonic progressions; learning how to listen, and playing off a lead-sheet.  Beginner and Advanced classes are available.  Beginner classes will focus on fundamentals and assume no knowledge of modal and scale theory.

$145 month


1 hour in length

Young People’s Program :

For young musicians just starting out or with little band experience.  All instruments welcome.  Program includes ensemble reading, introduction to improvisation, music theory and music history

$120 month

Music Fundamentals :

This class focuses on rhythm and reading and introduction to music theory.

$120 month


Composition/Song Writing:

In a small class setting limited to 5-6  student this hands on class includes understanding various elements of melody, harmony and rhythm and applying them to a variety of song forms as both a composer and arranger.

$250 month

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