2nd Friday Jazz Series 2019

This Year Was A Hit..THANK YOU!

A big thank you to all of our supporters that came to all of the amazing 2nd Friday Jazz Concerts this year. Without you we wouldn't have a need to fill our stage has with such impeccable talent!

To all of our featured artists this year, thank YOU!

Christine Tambakis: 03/08/19

Marshall McDonald: 04/12/19

Jay Azzolina: 05/10/19

Brian Pareschi: 06/14/19

Elisa Mini: 09/13/19

Porter Carroll Jr.: 10/11/19

Gary Deinstadt: 11/08/19

And the biggest THANK YOU to the Joey Berkley Band for backing our wonderful artists each and every time! To our Director Joey Berkley, we wouldn't be the same without you. Your talent and expertise makes our school and students have an experience they can't find anywhere else!

Stay tuned for what's to come in 2020!

2nd Friday Jazz Concert Series: Fall 2019 ft. Gary Deinstadt

Friday, November 8th @8pm

2nd Friday Jazz Concert Series 2019 has been a hit so far! A big thank you to all the featured artists thusfar! Every month, the Joey Berkley Band rocks the house collaborating with our featured artists and we are beyond thankful for them! This month, we get to welcome one of our own, Gary Deinstadt as our featured artist!! You definitely don't want to miss this! Joey Berkley Chris Parker Nori Naraoka and Andy Abel featuring the incomparable Gary Deinstadt are gonna blow your minds!

Tickets on sale NOW--> CLICK HERE

Use promo code "LiveJazz" with the purchase of 2 tickets and save $5 on each!

Gary Deinstadt 11/08/19