It’s great to be back working with our students at the Westchester Center for Jazz. All the new technology we’ve installed to make us Covid friendly also allows us to record and playback during rehearsal and also allows us to share what we do.

And always enjoyable to watch our director Joey Berkley in action.

Joey as usual says it better than me:

For me, the journey of Jazz is about learning and expressing. I think we can all agree we now face historic uncertain times as musicians collectively. While we race to find the “new normal”, as performing musicians we do not want to give up on the “only normal” and what it takes to get there. In our own way, the Westchester Center for Jazz and Contemporary Music is back at it live, expecting their students to know their scale/arpeggio exercises; rhythm-changes; time is Number 1; intonation matters, forever!!! I say, let’s learn and teach for the one normal that matters most: Miles, Monk, Trane, Bird, Brecker, Ellington, SRV, James Brown, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Louis Armstrong and on and on…..and In Our Own Sweet Way, the Westchester Center For Jazz is back at it live.

Please check out the improvisation section of our Sunday class below